UCSB Campus Lagoon. Credit: Tony Mastres
Credit: Tony Mastres

About the Lab

The Woods lab looks at factors that influence student success in academic settings. Particularly, the Woods lab is interested in high impact practices that lead to increased representation of traditionally underrepresented groups in STEM fields, including use of active learning techniques in STEM classes, role and importance of mentoring to student success, and K-12 students changing identity as scientists.

Dr. Woods is a tenure track lecturer at UCSB whose primary focus is teaching, and in this role does not have graduate students. The Woods lab uses undergraduate research assistants to run all of the lab projects. Generally the Woods lab has three research assistants that start in the Summer/Fall and those RA's work all year. It is highly recommended you take Psy 120L-- Advanced Research Methods Laboratory before you become a RA in the Woods laboratory, and that you are prepared to commit to the whole year as an RA. If you are interested in working in the laboratory please email Dr. Woods at vewoods@ucsb.edu to inquire about an opportunity to be a research assistant.